Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Day at the Zoo

Yesterday we thought we'd enjoy the new beautiful weather so we packed up and took a trip to the Zoo. It's been awhile since we've been there. I guess having a baby will do that to you. Well, we made sure it wouldn't be another year before we came back and became Zoo members. I'm so excited for the many trips will take this upcoming year! The kids loved seeing & petting the animals. We had a few unique encounters with some of them.

Our first stop was the to see the giraffes. Usually you can see them off in the distance but not today. When we arrived one came up to grab a bite to eat right in front of us!

At the Phx Zoo they have something called Monkey Village. It's a place where you can walk inside and get up close with the monkey's. Last time we were there we hardly saw any monkey's let alone one. Well today they were out and ready to play! We saw the most precious sight. Two mommy monkeys walked along a rope right in front of us with their babies on their back! It was amazing! Taylor loved seeing the mommy's and babies! Check out this picture Chris captured:

We stopped and ate lunch on a picnic bench by the lake. Things were going fairly well until Rylee dropped one of the sandwiches I gave her. The geese and ducks were all over that and once they finished her sandwich they started begging for more. There was this one that started pecking at the stroller where Rylee was. Yeah, that was our cue to leave. Here's a picture of that mean geese. Or maybe we were the mean ones...

Our final stop was the petting Zoo. Chris' favorite place, not really. I don't mind it too much so usually I'm the one in their petting the animals with the kids. Taylor & Trevor both got a brush and brushed the goats hair. Rylee really couldn't care less about the animals. She just wanted to walk up and down the little hill that was in there. It's purpose was to catch the pee from the goats. I learned that fact a little to late... anyway she would go down the hill and turn around and smack into this goat. She kind of just stared him down and turned the other way to try her up/down again move. Smack, their he was again. She cracks me up. She has really turned into this focused, determined little girl. If that had been Taylor at her age she would've cried or laughed at the goat... some sort of expression. Rylee just gets a little startled and then gives this look of "You thing, you're in my way, move."

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