Thursday, September 06, 2007

Debtors To The Triunine God

"Therefore, brethren, we are debtors, not to the flesh, to live after the flesh" Romans 8:12

We are debtors, but the flesh is not our creditor. What are its demands with which it is incumbent upon us to comply? Do we owe anything to sin the parent of all our woe? Nothing. To the world, ensnaring, deceitful and ruinous? Nothing. No; to these allies of flesh we owe nothing but the deepest hatred and the most determined opposition.

And yet, the saints of God are "debtors." To whom? What debtors are they to the Father, for His electing love, for the covenant of grace, for His unspeakable gift, for having blessed us with all spiritual blessings in Christ Jesus! We but imperfectly estimate the debt of love , gratitude, and service which we owe to Him whose mind the Eternal Son came to reveal, whose will He came to do, and whose heart He came to unveil. It was the Father who sent the Son. The wondrous expedient of our redemption originated with Him. He laid all our sins on Jesus. It was His sword of Justice that smote the Shepherd...Thus we have overlooked the source that originated our salvation, and have lost sight of the truth that the mediation of Jesus was not the cause, but rather the effect, of God's love to man.

Equal debtors are we to the Son... He left no path untrodden, no portion of the curse unborne, no sin unatoned, no part of the law uncanceled, nothing for us to do in the matter of our salvation, but simply to believe and be saved... Oh, how deep the obligation we are under to Christ!

And not less indebted are we to the Holy Spirit. What do we not owe Him of love and obedience who awoke the first thrill of life in our soul; who showed us our guilt and sealed to us our pardon? What do we not owe Him for leading us to Christ; for dwelling in our hearts; for His healing, sanctifying, comforting, and restoring grace...

Thus are all real believers debtors to the Triuine God- debtors to the Father's everlasting love, to the Son's redeeming grace and to the Spirit's quickening mercy. To the flesh we owe nothing but uncompromising hatred; to Jehovah we owe undivided and supreme affection!
Morning Thoughts
September 6th

What a great reminder this was for me. Not only do I constantly need to be told to put my flesh to death but I love the beautiful picture of the Trinity at work in salvation.

In the middle of writing this up, Trevor, whom I'm still potty training, pooped all over the kitchen chair, leaving me indebted to the inventors of bleach cleaner as well :-)

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