Saturday, September 29, 2007

Pray without Ceasing

Last night while you & I and slept soundly in our beds, the singles group at our church were praying. Praying for you, for the local church, universal church, for unbelievers, those who are suffering or sick and much more. Beginning at 7pm and concluding with breakfast at 7am they prayed and worshiped in shifts all throughout the night. You can read my husbands thoughts and see more pictures on the church's blog I was so encouraged by these singles and my husband who lead them. Thank you for sacrificing a good night's sleep to pray without ceasing! What a wonderful example you are for the church.

I brought the kids in the morning to join them for breakfast! The group picture below does not reflect all that were involved, just those who were there at 7am.


Anna said...

Tara, *thank you* so much for releasing Chris to serve and lead us in this way!! We were blessed by his gifting and leadership last night! (this morning??)

Sarah said...

Wow, what an example!

Tara said...

My pleasure Anna!!

It's a little easier to release him while I'm sleeping *lol*