Thursday, September 20, 2007

Ready for four?

Haha, nope not quite yet... but we did have fun adding baby Ellie Payne to the mix this morning! It was our first chance to babysit our friend Ellie. The kids loved having her. For the first hour Rylee was asleep so Taylor & Trevor had her all to themselves. They shook toys, sang songs, knocked over blocks, basically overstimulated her in every way possible. It went really well until Trevor decided to strip himself down naked in the other room and then come running out exclaiming "I HAVE TO GO POOPY!" But we made it through that and then Rylee woke up and had her chance to play with her friend. In effort to keep Rylee from constantly hitting her face I showed her how to pat her back gently. Rylee caught on right away, not so much the gently part, and pretty much patted Ellie's back for the remaining time. She'd follow Ellie wherever she crawled to and rub her back.

Ellie is such a sweet, sweet, baby! Maybe I could have a fourth if she was anything like her.... will just stick to babysitting for now :-)

Can you tell the one in the middle is not mine?


paz said...

oh, trevor..

i guess all boys go through that phase in their life. i don't recall doing it, but luz tells me that i did go through that phase.

it is still a pleasure to read up on the lives of the daukas kiddos :)

Lory said...

My little sweetie! Thanks so much for watching her:) I can't wait till she can play back!

Stephenia said...

How much fun! Your kids are so cute! Ellie is really cute too!