Friday, February 16, 2007

Birthday Boy

My little man Trevor turns 2 today. Although it feels like we've had a two year old for awhile, now it's official. I never thought having a little boy could be so much fun. He is ALL boy. Whenever I'm on the floor changing a diaper or just going to sit down I get tackled by Trevor. He loves the outdoors, climbing, running (most of the time away from me) and like most boys, eating. He is also completely fearless... he continues to scare Chris and I with his daring personality. His vocabulary is improving and he is speaking in short sentences! Oh yes and he loves trains. I mean LOVES! For his party tomorrow it will be all trains.

What a blessing Trevor is to me and our family. I can't imagine life without active trev-man around. He keeps me on my toes. I am eager to see what kind of man he will turn into. I don't think we are ever going to need to motivate Trevor for life. He is passionate and determined. Above all it is my deepest desire that Trevor comes to know the Lord and have an intimate relationship with his Savior. Chris and I pray for his soul daily!

Here are some of my favorites of Trevor from the year.

Trevor driving a car
Trevor in Carlsbad CA last July
One of his favorite things to say is "Oh No" He clasps his hands to his face as he says it
Did I forget to mention that he also likes to make messes and get into trouble when I'm not watching. Here's this weeks latest... I went to get Rylee from her room and he pushed a chair over to the counter and dumped out 500+ small shapes that I was using for Taylor's preschool. When I came back he was making an "angel" with his body and eating the shapes!


Lory said...

Gotta love that cute boy! I'm so blessed to know your kids. They enrich our lives too!!:)

megan russell said...

heehee... that's so funny, madelyn did the exact same thing with our bucket of foam thingies yesterday too. Man, are those things hard to sweep up... espcially when you have a teething 10 month old trying to eat them in the process! :)

hope your bday party is a blast!

Shawnda said...

Happy Birthday, Trevor!!! Very fun pics!! : ) He's such a cutie - as are all your kiddos! : )

Tara said...

Megan- how funny... man it would be scary to get thoses two together. The trouble they could get into! I echo you on how hard they are to clean up... I still have a few very small ones that are stuck in a crack between my wood floor and cabinets in the kitchen!