Thursday, February 01, 2007

Out of Town Blues

Sorry I haven't completely disappeared... Chris just returned from a three day trip. I find when he's gone it's near impossible to find time to blog. But that's not the only reason I don't blog. You won't find me blogging about my husband leaving town here. It could be because I'm paranoid. There is no way I'm annoucing to the crazy internet people out there that my husband is out of town. So there is that and also I just don't do well being alone. And until I convince Chris of our need for a really big black dog I don't think I'll ever like it. I can quote scriptures all night long and still in the end, without the help of tylenol PM, I just can't sleep. I took the easy way out for most of Chris' travel. Packed my bags and headed off to daddy and mommy's house. Even with two kids! But that's a little harder now with three so I have had to face the past couple ones alone. A couple of months ago when Chris left town for five nights, the last night went something like this:

I had the Pastor's wives over for dinner and dessert. We hung out late into the night and somehow the topic of one of our friends who got robbed while her husband was out of town came up. Seriously. Now these wives are more Godly and more expereinced than I am. None of them struggle at night with their husbands being out of town. They can even sleep without Tylenol PM. I informed these more Godly than I am women that this conversation wasn't serving me and they all had to stay the night but they continued on and eventually left me. Alone. With my thoughts. I called Chris to say goodnight and confessed to him that I battling fear. He assured me, prayed for me and ended with something about what are the odds really honey? I hung up full of faith, taking my tylenol pm of course, and went to do my nightly check of all the doors and windows before I turned in. I went to the front door, touched the door and everything went pitch black. My house, all the other houses around me, every street light outside went black. Ok so it was only for like five seconds dad (it happened to them too) but it was enough to make my heart drop and I knew that there was NO WAY I was going to be sleeping alone tonight. So I go the phone to call my dad of course, and the line is dead. Completely dead. I start to think great, that's it, "they" cut my phone line and will be in any minute and my husband's famous last words will be "What are the odds honey". Well genius mode kicked in and I checked my computer and thankfully we had a connection there. So I looked at Instant Message to see if anyone we knew was on. Chris' twin brother in Washington was on and I sent him a message saying " Call Chris now please and tell him to call my parents and tell them to come over!!" HAHA, it worked! My dad and mom were to the rescue again and my wonderful mom brought her pillow and stayed the night! I've never been so thankful to have my husband home.

Now thankfully nothing that traumatic happened this time and after five nights alone two feels like a walk in the park. I did however resort to waking up my almost five year old and bringing her into our bed at 10:00 at night. It worked. Taylor, her doll named Taylor and I all slept great. She woke up the next morning and said

" Mommy I woke up in your bed".

" Yes honey mommy came and got you last night."

She replies " Hey that's just like when you were little and you used to sneak into Uncle Ryan's room and wake him up so he'd come sleep in your room too"

wondering how she remembers this small detail that once came up in a conversation... " Yes Taylor. Thank you showing me that nothing has changed since I was six"


andrea said...


ok, so i probably wouldn't have been able to come over, but STILL!


Heather said...

Leave it to our children to help us laugh at our own weaknesses.

I'm glad you have your hubby home now!

Charissa said...

LOL - I lived with Trish for a few months while Rob was overseas. I'm willing to bet you could talk me into hanging out a few nights the next time Chris is gone :) Seriously, let me know!