Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Rylee- 6 month update

Rylee turned six months this weekend. Wow how time flies! She is such a sweet little girl and continues to be an amazing sleeper (thank you Lord!). In the past two weeks she has also learned to crawl. It's not the normal on both hands and knees crawl yet, although she's close. It's more like an army crawl, knees go up then she lunges forward, knees up, forward etc. Bottom line, she's mobile. So much for my "let's not put her on the floor till five months" tatic to keep her from crawling early :-) Also, as of this weekend, she was officially weaned. It's the earliest I've weaned any of my kids but Chris and I both felt it was time. I have been nursing and or pregnant for 2 yrs and 9 months straight. Now I don't say that to complain, it's been my joy to carry and feed these kids! That being said it is nice to be done for a little while- plus there is a whole wardrobe in my closet that will be opening back up to me!

Rylee was placed by the pink pillow and I come back out to find her over by Trevor...

What was it that made her pass all the other toys and head off in this direction?

On no, another train lover! Trevor wasn't too happy when he saw that Rylee was eating one of his trains... so it begins!

I've had fun dressing the girls in matching clothes. Taylor loves it!

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Anna said...

Ooooh, what cuties!! I just to want eat Rylie up!

Miss you guys! :)