Saturday, February 17, 2007

Trevor's Birthday Party

Today we celebrated Trevor's birthday. In keeping with tradition he awoke to balloons. Awaking to balloons in your room on your birthday is something my parents started when my brother and I were young. I loved that as a kid, and even now I sometimes secretly wish for balloons on my birthday:-) So we strayed a little from the tradition this time and put balloons on the rug instead of his room. There is enough things that seem to wake him up early we didn't want to give him one more thing to wake up and get out of bed for. Later on we packed up and went to the park for some pizza and cake. We were joined by our friends and family.

Here are Trevor's friends! They each were given a thomas the train sippy cup and bubbles as party favors.

Isn't this the cutest train cake! Our friend and sometimes babysitter Denise, made it for Trevor! It was so hard keeping him from digging his hands into it. I finally put it in our car until it was time to eat.

My parents got this motorized train set for Trevor. When we were cleaning up Papa D set it up for him and he just sat for 10-15 minutes in awe of it.

Rylee and Zoe, who are one day apart, chilled together in the double stroller

Here are my two cute pregnant friends! Lory, holding Rylee, is due any day now and my other friend Tiffany is due in a few weeks. Both are having future girl friends for Rylee!

My parents with Trevor

Chris' Mom with Trev

Trevor with his Thomas the Train backpack and train book

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