Friday, December 21, 2007

Hope of Heaven

A dear family friend, also being my brother's mother in law, went to be with the Lord yesterday. The hope of heaven once again becomes something real and greatly anticipated. Pray for the family.

"Think, Christian believer, of seeing your Savior, and beholding your King in His beauty. Faith will be at last swallowed up in sight and hope in certainty. Think of the many loved ones gone before you and of the happy meeting between you and them. You are not going to a foreign country; you are going home. You are not going to dwell amongst strangers, but amongst friends. You will find them all safe, all well, all ready to greet you, all prepared to join in one unbroken song of praise. Then let us take comfort and persevere. With such prospects before us, we may well cry, “It is worth while to be a Christian!” JC Ryle


Shawnda said...

praying for your family, sister. thanks for sharing. the JC Ryle quote is beautiful and stirring! Soon and very soon!

Sara said...

I was very sad to hear of her passing. I sent Jesse a note (rachie Crutchfield kept me updated) just reminding him that during this time we can rejoice in God's grace and mercy. His mom is secure in heaven. It hurts for me to imagine my parents dying..only because they do not know Christ.
Send my Love to the Ross Family. Give Danae a hug for me!

papa said...

thank you tara. I have been searching for some answers and this quote took some of the pain out of my quest.