Sunday, December 09, 2007

Treasure The Word Promo

Today we began pre-ordering for the memory verse cd that will be out next week. It's been so much fun being apart of this project and we can't wait to share it with you all! You can take a listen to a few of the songs that my husband put together for this mornings announcement. And yes that is my precious daughter singing the last song!

If you attend our church you can purchase a CD at our bookstore. All others can contact our church through the website to purchase your copy. The cost is only $5 and will make for a great present or stocking stuffer :-) I can attest to what a help putting scripture to music aides in memorization for both kids and adults alike! Our family now has 13 key verses of Ephesians down pat! I used Taylor's picture as a place holder for the song in imovie so I could put the mp3 up... so sorry you have to look at her cute face during the promo :-)


Briana Almengor said...

Her face and her voice are precious! What a cutie you've got.

Stephenia said...

She sounds great! What a cute little voice she has....can't wait to get it!

Sarah said...

That's great, and it sounds just like what we've been wanting to get my little brother (he's 5). I seriously think we'll be buying it for him. Thanks for making it available to people outside your church.

And your little girlie is so cute!

Sarah M. said...

I ran into your blog earlier this year (I cannot remember how-!) and was thinking again about the CD you talked about in December. How would I go about purchasing that?

Love the blog! I stop in occasionally and am always encouraged.
Sarah (Biederbeck) Martin