Saturday, December 22, 2007

When it Rains it Pours

Styrofoam pieces that is. My kids have had a hard time getting their hands around what was happening this week. Pretty much since Monday night they have had non-stop babysitters. And when I was home, I was getting ready for the next babysitter. So it's early Thursday morning and Chris gets a phone call and goes back to our bedroom. I eventually follow him in. We both come out crying and quickly getting ready to go to the hospital again and walk out to this:

If you've never had the privilege of trying to pick up tiny Styrofoam pieces- it's near impossible. It's full of static so every time I'd sweep it would just blow around in circles. For the kids to clean up the only way was to throw them in the bath... to which there's still some in there. Thankfully my vacuum's suction part took care of the rest. We are still finding random pieces here and there and probably will for awhile. But hey at least the kids can say they saw snow this winter!

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