Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas

I hope everyone has a wonderful day celebrating the birth of our Savior! Thank you Lord for coming to the earth to die in my place for my sins. The gospel is truly the greatest gift I could ever receive.

Here's the picture on our Christmas card. If you find our card on your friends refrigerator but not yours don't take it personally. More than likely it's still sitting with the big stack on my counter! With the events of the last week Christmas cards were one of the things that I just had to let go. So look for it in the mail in the new year :-)

Merry Christmas!


Shawnda said...

Merry Christmas, Tara! Such a fun card!!!!

Stephenia said...

MERRY Christmas too! May God bless you!

Rory said...

Merry Christmas, Tara, to you & your beautiful family! I know I don't comment here much, but your blog has been a blessing to me for longer than I can remember, now.(I guess its been about a year!)

I don't think you realize what a good writer you are. And that's just all part of your humbleness & simple sweet down-to-earth style that combined with your love for Christ & family makes your blog such a delight to read. Also, your sense of humor has made me laugh out loud on several occasions!(There are many, many examples I could give but your January 23, 2007 post: "Keep the Bourbon away from the Child, Dude" still makes me laugh to this day when I think about it!!)

And its not just about laughs, your writing(and you just being who you are)is very effective at touching the heart. Because not only is your blog something I can relate to, and a model of sorts for the kind of simple family blog I write, but as a Christian husband & father of 3 children I have been edified by you & your husband's lives and words and by things I have been exposed to (Soveriegn Grace, CJ Mahoney, etc., etc.,I could go on and on)through your blog. I know you guys do a lot through your church ministries, but thank you also for letting our LORD work through you (like he does through your blog) by his grace in ways you may not even realize to touch other peoples lives for the good of His kingdom.

I remember several months ago you posted a recorded Sunday message that your husband, Chris, delivered at your church (I think he was filling in for the senior pastor). As I clicked to listen to it I guess my expectation was that I would be listening to someone who would probably be very nervous and sound at the very least a little bit like...well, like he had never preached very much. (I think I was actually feeling a little nervous for him right before the message started to play.) Brother, was I dead wrong!! I remember being completely blown away by the rock-solid knowledge & authority Chris displayed in his teaching when I listened to it. I'm still impressed!

(I'm going long here, but its hard to write a whole year's worth of comments into one! Maybe I shouldn't wait so long next for my next one!)I feel like I kind of know you and your family a little bit even though I don't and I just want to say thank you, my sister, God has blessed you with a beautiful family. Merry Christmas to you all!

Tara said...

wow Rory, that was long :-)

Thanks for the encouragement!

I remember being nervous for my husband in the beginning of his preaching days. He continues to blow me away and I have since ceased to be nervous :-)