Monday, December 03, 2007

Rylee Update

It's been awhile since I've posted an update on Rylee. As she nears 16 months her personality seems to grow daily. She is fast one. Walking, running, climbing, she's quick and if I'm not careful I could lose her in a flash. I actually did lose her a few weeks ago. It was after life 101 at our church and I set her down because she was begging to get to the baby in the stroller at my feet. She got down and began to play with the baby while I engaged in a conversation. Well within a matter of a minute I looked down and she was gone without a sound. I'm not really a freak out person. I stay pretty calm but after 5 minutes of not finding her I started to freak... men were outside walking our pitch dark campus, others in bathrooms etc. Chris, still thinking clearly, remembered how much she loves the stairs in the lobby. So he walked up,turned the corner and sure enough all the way down the hall, there she was laughing and playing in Rich's office (our sr. pastor). So needles to say I've kept a tighter leash on her these days :-)

She loves to play with her brother and sister. Calling them by name now, tata and tevor. She'll chase them, laugh and as of last week, if one of them tries to take something from her, she'll push em. That's right I've got another full blown, tantrum's and all toddler on my hands. It's hard not to laugh though... you'll take something from her or say No to her and she'll just burst out into the biggest cry fit like her world is over :-) I think she is preparing to be dramatic like her sister!

Her langugae ability continues to take off as well. She'll say cheese for the camera, night, night at bedtime and her favorite word is cracka, accent on the ah sound in a real high pitch voice. She'll walk around the house saying, cracka, cracka! She loves books, music and talking on the phone.

She eats like nobody's business too. I'm always amazed at how much she can eat being just a little thing! But after two fairly poor eaters I enjoy cooking for her. She'll eat anything I make.

So we love our Rylee and are enjoying her like crazy! Enjoying every moment as time continues to fly by past us!


Stephenia said...

She is a little cutie!

Shawnda said...

oh man! She's just such a CUTIE!!! Sounds like Karis and her have a few things in common...including the fits! : ) Anytime we take something away - she lets out a big yelp and starts crying OR makes a horrible sour puss face! ; ) It's very hard not to laugh - it's so pathetic! : )

I can't believe how much Rylee is talking!!!! Karis doesn't say anything consistently except mamma (or mommmeeeee when she's really desperate) and dadda. She signs consistently. Karis has said random words, but doesn't keep them up.

SO thankful to the Lord that she was safe on the stairs that day! Thanks for the Rylee update - she's a joy to hear about!!!