Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Taylor's Cottage Fair

Last night was an open house at Taylor's school. My parents came along at the last
minuted and joined us for the fun. We got to walk through her classroom and she showed us all that she'd been working on this quarter. This school just excels in creativity and hands on activities. They don't talk about how other countries celebrate the holidays. No they travel with passports and all. The past couple of weeks their classroom has changed into various places and the kids have learned and created new things associated with that place. Lanterns for China, boots for Holland and trip to the North pole where the kids came in wearing hats, mittens, jackets etc.

Aren't they sweet and don't you just love the new boots my parents gave Taylor as an early Christmas present?

Taylor standing behind some of her creations for the farm animal unit they did in the beginning of the quarter.

While standing out in the hallway looking at Tay's work I saw Trevor off in the corner talking to some kid. I went to tell him we were leaving and he said "Wait mom I'm showing my friend my work". It was a random kid and he was showing him his sister's tradition creation calling it his school work!

After we walked her classroom we took the kids out for ice cream. It was a fun rainy night!


Sarah said...

Wait, you mean he doesn't know plagerism is punishable by law? ;)

All kidding aside, it sounds like everyone had a fun night.

Carrie said...

How fun! I love that Trevor is already taking credit for Taylor's work... they learn fast!

PAPA jones said...

We are last minute people. Had a lot of fun