Sunday, January 18, 2009

Book Recommendations For Taylor

Taylor is a avid reader. Once her little reading light bulb turned on there has been no stopping her! She's getting close to having read through all the Magic Tree House & BoxCar children series books and it seems as if I'm running out of books to give her that I know I'd approve of. If anyone has any recommendations of author's and or books that your children enjoy I'd love to hear! Particularly if you know of any christian fiction chapter book. Please share :)


schwabair said...

How about Little House on the Prarie?

Jason and Lisa said...

Hi Tara,

I've been on your blog a few times (from other people's links). Hope you don't mind. I loved the Mandy's series when I was probably Taylor's age. They are Christian/Mystery/fiction books.

Hope you guys are doing well!


Bethany said...

What about the Little House series I remember reading that at a young age. Seth loved Farmer Boy from that.

I don't have an older girl but I think my sisters girls read the American Girl books.

Tara said...

Bethany- we are reading farmer boy this week for school!

I don't know why she hasn't taken to little house more... I keep trying.

American Girl is great. She reads those a lot. But there are only a few of the girls that I allow her to read. Mostly the historical ones.

Lisa- Hi Girl! Thanks for saying Hi. Great idea about Mandy. I had forgotten about those!

Lory said...

Hey, Tara=) I thought of some other ones (from the other night we were talking)--we loved the Stories from Grandma's Attic books. They are really sweet and funny:) You can maybe find them on e-bay or something for cheap.

Sarah said...

I was going to suggest American Girls as well. I didn't realize some weren't good? I read them about 10 years ago when there were only about 6 girls (are there more now?) and they were all based on history, I thought.

Little House series I never really got into either, but I know lots of people who LOVE them. I really should read them sometime just to say I have. :)

And, I also loved the Mandy series. Would def recommend it.

If I think of others, I'll let you know. I love seeing kids enthusiastic about reading. It's the book-lover and future teacher in me, I'm sure.

Sarah said...

Oh, and the Grandma's Attic books are good too.

Tara said...

Sorry I wasn't clear... it's not that I don't like American Girl. They are written for girls 8-10 and I find in some of the books the maturity level to be to high for Taylor who's 6 even though she has the skill level to read them. Make sense?

Going to check out Grandma's attic right now :) Thanks!

Anna said...

The Chronicles of Narnia? The Paddington bear stories by Michael Bond are lots of fun, and I still love Winnie-the-Pooh. ::blush::

This may be a little above her reading level, but I loved 'Anne of Green Gables' by L.M. Montgomery when I was growing up. (I wouldn't recommend the 'Emily of New Moon' books though.)

Anna said...

(just read your comment - Anne may be a little old for Taylor then :( But I'm sure she'll enjoy them when she's older!)

Ryan J said...

I don't have any recommendations, because I have no idea what books a 6 year old girl would enjoy :) But it would be great if you had a separate page with a list of books that she has liked or would recommend.

Also has she tried the lion the witch and the wardrobe? May still be a little mature or possibly scary for her.

Hopefully her love for reading will be shared with Trevor and Rylee... and Owen!

nicole baird said...

How about the Grandmother's Attic series? They are stories of a little girl who goes to her grandma where she hears stories of her life. Cute and fun!

Dad Jones said...

you enjoyed "the secret garden" and "A little princess" books. by Frances Hodgson Burnett. we have them here

Sherri L. Shippy said...

Hi Tara! I have a few suggestions. How about the "Three Cousins Detective Club" series? They are Christian mysteries about 3 cousins, 2 boys and a girl, and they are Christian! The local libraries have many of them. Difficulty: slightly easier than American Girl.

The Mandy series is pretty good. I own many of those (30+), and would be happy to loan them to Taylor. :-) They are Christian, but focus more on behavior than the gospel.

I have two other amazing series that she is welcome to borrow. "The Adventures of the Northwoods" and the "Addie McCormick" series. They are more difficult than the Mandy books, but again, she can borrow these. I liked these much better than Mandy. It will be harder to coordinate, but the offer extends even when you guys are in Peoria.

One more: a single book: "The Mystifying Twins." It's about identical twins that solve a mystery and deal with being different than one another for the first time when one becomes a Christian at a camp. It isn't widely available, though. I think you can find it through CBD, but probably not through a library. Hope that helps!

~Sherri L. Shippy

Heather said...

We loved everything horses when we were younger - especially books like The Black Stallion, Misty of Chincoteague (or really any of Marguerite Henry's horse books!)