Friday, January 16, 2009

Grace in Weaning of the World

I read a great sermon this week on Grace Gems. Entitled The Power of Grace in Weaning the Heart from the World. Being weaned from the world has been a theme of mine for the past year. Something I feel the Lord keeps bringing me back to meditate on.

In one section He asks the question,"How may I know whether my soul is under the weanings of God? How may I know whether I am weaned from the world or not?"


1. To have heavenly affections amidst earthly possessions—this is a sign of a weaned heart.

2. To reckon our happiness, our riches, rather from divine comforts than from any worldly comfort; this is a sign of an heart under the weanings of God. David was a king, a great man; but he does not reckon this his happiness. No, but from his interest in God. Psalm 16:5, "Lord, you alone are my portion, and my cup of blessing." And what then? "The boundary lines have fallen for me in pleasant places; indeed, I have a beautiful inheritance."

3. What do you most desire? What do you most hunger after? this shows whether we are weaned from the world, or not. Now, what is it—which quiets our minds, which satisfies our desires best? If it is worldly pleasures, worldly comforts, worldly honors, etc. then our hearts are not weaned.

4. To bear worldly evils, worldly troubles, worldly losses—with a holy quietness and satisfaction of spirit; this is a sign of a weaned heart.

5. To choose holiness with affliction and loss—rather than sin with pleasure and preferment; this is a sign of a weaned heart.

6. To be able by faith to overcome all the smiles and frowns of the world—this is another sign of a weaned heart. Now can you do this? When the world smiles upon us with its splendors, honors, riches, pleasures, delights and glories—can you then look upon all these as base and abject things—in comparison of Christ?

Or, when the world frowns upon us with crosses, losses, sufferings, reproaches, etc. Can we then overcome it by laying aside carnal fear, by patience in tribulation, by looking upon afflictions and sufferings for Christ—as our honor and happiness; by eyeing the invisible God in all, as Moses did?

"Is not this our case? May we not fear it is? For if we are weaned from the world—why do we doat upon it? Why are we so fond of worldly things? Why do we conform so much to the world, and study the foolish fashions of the world? If we are weaned from the world—why is our joy and grief so great, and proportioned to present comforts, or present losses? Surely therefore we have cause enough to fear—that our hearts are not yet under the weanings of God."

Such great questions to ask myself! I pray for more & more weaning to occur. Heaven and knowledge of Christ is truly more sweeter than anything the world has to offer.

This past weekend at Renewed, Steve Shank and my husband Chris preached messages on these topics. You can find the messages here. Session 2 & 4.

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