Thursday, January 01, 2009

Gospel.Church Plant.Peoria

Happy New Year! A few seconds after midnight Chris turned to me and said "Honey we are planting a church in 2009." To welcome in the year 2009 is both exciting and sobering. I wanted to officially introduce my husbands blog: Gospel.Church Plant.Peoria. He is using the blog to share his thoughts on those three things as well as to keep our growing church planting team updated. We got some exciting news yesterday and instead of blogging about it I thought I'd send you over to his blog to read. Feel free to say hi, we all remember what it's like to start a blog and push through that period where people read but don't comment :)

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Dad Jones said...

This is great news. I look forward to reading your Blog, Ryan's and Danae's Blog and now Chris's Blog. Heck I will be the most informed Father around.