Thursday, January 29, 2009

Detective Taylor

The other day Taylor said, " Mom I just can't decided if I want to be a detective or a singer!".

I told her that was a hard decision and maybe she could be a singing detective! She laughed her Taylor laugh :)
She has such a wonderful imagination and I believe that it's largely due to the mass quantity of books she reads!

I apprecaite all who chimed in on recommending books for Taylor. It has really helped broaden our horizions! Here are some of the new series that, thanks to you, we are now reading:
The Mandy Series
Grandma's Attic- which she is reading with Grandma of course!
Little Princess
Three Cousins Detective Club A great christian fiction mystery series
Cul-De-Sac Kids Another great christian fiction mystery series that I found on amazon and also at our local library.
Sugar Creek Gang This was originally on tape and they ended up putting it in book form. These books are also christian fiction that strive to bring about christian teachings. This particular series seems a little old for Taylor but perhaps would be loved by a boy!

and of course our standards:
Magic Tree House
Boxcar Children One of our favorites!
Nancy Drew Notebooks Series These are different then the Nancy Drew books and written to a younger audience

Time to get reading :)


James said...

I'm 90% sure I read the Sugar Creek Gang books when I was young... and IF i'm remembering correctly, they were REALLY good! :-)

by the way - great pic of taylor, did you do the b/w - colorizing in Photoshop or...?

Tara said...

Yeah I've heard a lot of great stuff about those books. And you probably did read them as a kid as they are that old. LOL :) I've heard from other friends that they read or listened to the tapes as kids too.

Thanks. I just recently got photoshop and am still figuring out all the many ways to use it! For this photo I made it sepia then painted the color back in.

Jen said...

thanks so much for posting about the book suggestions you received. i was going to ask what you found out. i am always looking for new stuff for alethea to read. thanks for sharing the wealth!
jen brewer