Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Money Saving Moms

My friend Megan is going to be doing a series on coupons/money saving tips over at her blog. Admitedly this is never been a strength of mine. I like Megan, have clipped coupons only to put them in baggies and either forget about them or when it comes time to actually using them, they've expired. I've even gotten as far as bringing them to the store only to check out in a hurry with the kids, completely forgetting I had them in my purse. So, being a poor example, I'm happy to point you to others :) Thanks for doing this Megan!

You can read the introduction here & part 1 here.

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Brandy said...

There is a fee involved, but we have been using CouponSense since July and really have seen a reduction in our costs...good thing since the budget is about to get REALLY tight! You can do a tutorial at couponsense.com - it's great: matching sales and coupons, numbering Sunday paper coupons, and creating a shopping list by store online. I invite everyone to check it out. If you sign up, you can use me as the referral and Kristin Huss as your instructor (she sends out aweseome deal e-mails often). Just my two "sense!" :)