Saturday, November 01, 2008

Epcot- DisneyWorld

We went a few times to Epcot, future world. I couldn't get over the big golf ball, as we affectionately called it. Our first ride there was Soarin. A simulated hang glide ride full of effects like wind blowing in your face, sounds and the smell of the ocean. Taylor and Trevor both rode this with us and did great. I don't think this was Tay's favorite ride but I was proud she tried it. Special thanks for Jessica for taking Rylee and Addy (who is about a month younger) so we could all ride it together!

We spent lots of time in Nemo's world enjoying looking at the dolphins, fish, and sharks. Trevor rode a ride with Chris and Papa called Test Track. It's description reads, "Strap yourself in to race up bumpy terrain, roar through hair-pin turns, speed into freezing cold chambers, and rush on to 50-degree banked curves at 60 miles an hour." The boys ran ahead of us and when I arrived with Nancy and saw the ride my heart stopped. I had a "they are taking Trevor on THAT" moment as the car races past up in the air at lightening speed. I was eager to see how he responded. Chris said when it stopped he wasn't sure at first then quickly responded that it was fun. The rest of the night he was lightning McQueen.

Later on in the week Chris parents and I took Taylor back to this park and did some of the educational rides and walked around the different worlds. Taylor even had a front seat with Papa and Henni to hear some people dressed up in colonial time period clothing sing patriotic songs. That went along perfectly with our studies of how America became a country. She loved singing along with them!

Here's Grandma and Taylor patiently waiting for Papa D who's getting my park ticket because I accidently left it with Chris who was with the younger kids. Sorry guys!

Taylor and one of the girls who sang

I had a chance to meet up with my cousin Chrystal who I haven't seen in years. She lives about four hours away from DisneyWorld and just happened to be at Epcot the same time we were!

An amazing ceiling in the China world building

One night we stayed till the park closed and watched another spectacular firework show. It was here we learned that Trevor doesn't like fire, as he ran to the bathroom screaming and crying as the lake in front of us went up in flames :-)

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