Tuesday, November 18, 2008

On and Off Again

I was editing some photo's of Rylee the other and day and found this one. This pretty much sums up my daily battle with her. So Frank & Nancy, Scott & Jessica, let this photo serve as a reminder of all the fun times we had in Disney,searching for rylee's shoes that she had kicked off somewhere in the park :-)


Jessica said...

Too funny! Thanks for sharing. It does bring back the memories. All good!!

Briana Almengor said...

Adorable outfit.
My daughter does the same thing. Nothing can occupy her for as long as sitting infront of her closet taking on and off all her shoes. It's fine at home, but we haven't been able to train her not to do it out in public and can be quite a pain to be putting her shoes back on all the time..esp. now when it's so cold outside.

Brandy said...

Love that outfit! And you are so amazing with your photography - when can I book an appointment? :)

Seera Syrupy said...

Do those shoes come in a size 10. Maybe with a heel?

Those are cuuuute!!