Friday, November 21, 2008

History Field Trip

Sunday I took Taylor on a history field trip. It was put on by a group called We Make History. They are renactors of early history time periods. Currently we just finished studying the Revolutionary War, George Washington and have begun learning about the first couple of states. So this went right along with our studies! She had a great time seeing all the dresses and artifacts from the different time periods. Each actor was equipped with lots of interesting information and we were free to ask questions and have discussions with them all. More than anything I enjoyed having some alone time with Taylor. She's is such a delight to be with!

Taylor attended prairie school where the teacher explained how she would've walked to school and showed her the items she would've brought. Then she had Taylor write her name with ink and had some antique books displayed.

She was so excited to meet Abe! We also got to hear him give the Gettysburg address.

The soliders getting ready to go off to battle. They did a civil war renenactment. That was a little much for Taylor so we didn't stick around long.

Playing a game the settlers would've played.

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