Saturday, November 01, 2008

Meeting Characters

Rylee made this face to every character, she's quite the character herself!

We were blessed to have been given the gift of two character breakfast's. Those were so much fun and provided a very easy way to meet Disney Character's. The lines we did stand in thankfully were not all that long either. Taylor and Trevor both had autograph books and got a kick out of having the character's sign their books!

Funny story with Ariel- She says to Trevor, who sat about as far away from her as he could, sit closer little boy. Trevor, who is truly soaking wet from playing in a splash park outside says, I'm sopping wet though. To which Ariel says in her soft spoken princess voice, "That's ok I'm used to water!" HAHA!

Apparantly I didn't care to much for Mickey's ears :-) I found these picture taking opps. a little stressful. I think they purposely put them in horrible lighting so we have to depend on their professional photographer's to get a good photo. I'll post next about why T & T are dressed up!


Rebekah said...

Wow, they really DID put glitter in his hair! That stuff looks more like confetti! They must get a lot of little brothers in there. =)

Janelle Shank said...

looks like you guys had so much fun on your vacation! Disney World is one of those "must see's" in every kids life :)

Brandy said...

Are you kidding me with the kiss Rylee gave to Daisy Duck? That is one of the best of bunch!