Wednesday, November 05, 2008

My Precious Nephew

Last week I had the chance to take some six week pictures of my nephew Owen. He is my brother's son and it's been such a joy to see him and Danae become parents.

I have a special place in my heart for Owen for many reasons. One being that for a split second I knew he was coming before Danae :-) I had talked her into taking a test I had at my house and she had me look at the results first. I guess my face said it all :-) Then I had to keep it a secret for what felt like eternity! I'm so thankful that God has blessed Ryan and Danae with a healthy beautiful baby!

Ok so here is the little guy. Doesn't he have such gorgeous eyes?!

It's so sweet seeing how much Owen loves his mommy

At one point he wasn't so happy. He had enough of this picture taking business and was tired. Mom came and saved the day though:

He was a happy for a few more minutes and we got this fall themed shot :)

After that he crashed and took a little nap

Thanks Danae for the opportunity! I look forward to taking more.


Brandy said...

How sweet! I guess you Jones people make good lookin' kids (your parents included)!

schwabair said...

The pictures of your nephew are really beautiful and he is really cute too. Great job! You must have great light in your house, I'm so jealous!

megan russell said...

these are great tara. love that last one!

Rebekah said...

Great job, Tara! I especially love the ones where he's sleeping.

Tiffany said...

Six weeks! I can't believe it! Miss you!

Liz said...

Tara - you have become an amazing photographer! So beautiful!!