Monday, November 03, 2008

Family at Disney

I've come to realize that I could go on and on about this trip. The musical's we saw, Finding Nemo, Ariel, Beauty and the Beast have only inspired Taylor to want to sing and dance all the more. The incredible animals we saw on our safari ride at Animal Kingdom and the kids first time goofy golfing. All fun and memory filled. But by far the best part of our trip was being together as a family. We had so much fun with Chris' parents and Scott and Jessica and Addy. What a blessing it was to spend such an extended amount of time with them! And what a blessing it was for our kids to get to know their cousin Addy better. They have missed her and talked about her since we've been back.

Chris' parents were kind enough to babysit two nights so that Chris and I could go out with Scott and Jessica. The first night we went to Disney's Magic Kingdom Not So Scary Halloween party. I have always dreamed of doing disney rides just Chris and I and this night made that possible. Jessica kept saying throughout the night how romantic the dumbo ride was at night. Well we took her word for it and got on the ride. As we got on the drizzle rain we had been experiencing turned into pelting rain and we got soaked for the duration of the ride. We laughed for the rest of the night at how "romantic" it was :-) Another night we went the four of us to Disney's boardwalk and sat and got coffee and dessert together. I really enjoyed this night talking with Scott and Jessica. Scott and Jess we wished you guys lived in AZ so we could spend more time with you.

Chris parents were so incredibly patient with our kids. Trevor was in rare form this week and wasn't always the most respectful, delightful child to be around. I think by the end of the week he had pretty much offended everyone. Ha! Also we shared a van with them to and from the theme parks to our resort. After hours of walking around a theme park one is eager to sit and enjoy a nice quiet drive home. There were no such rides in our car. It was either filled with crying, whining, loud silliness or all three at once. We pushed our kids to the max this week and they seemed to pay us back for it in the car.

That being said it really was an amazing week. One we will never forget! These past five months have been all consumed with thoughts and talk of church planting and what a blessing it was to get away with our kids and have a break in the action! We will always be grateful to Frank and Nancy and Scott and Jessica for making this trip possible for us!

Goodbye Disney, we'll look forward to returning one day!

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